Thursday, 13 December 2012

Rog caught red... faced

Papa Smurf - that's Rog, the big boss - seemed to be a bit camera shy this afternoon.
He had difficulty facing front when we were snapping pics of the latest restoration project to come into the garage - a 40-year-old MG MGB GT V8.

Then he let his guard down and we were rolling on the floor in pain.
Rotund, jolly and ruddy is his usual state but this afternoon he was... well, RED!!
At first we thought it was Santa come early, or that he'd had the temperature a bit high in the spray booth... perhaps it was fake tan...
But no, he'd just painted himself... Scarlet!!!
We can't print here what he told us to do when we tried to get the picture, but we did get one... ENJOY IT before he takes it down :-)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Where's that 10mm spanner..?

One of our guys has just lost his nuts over a 'missing' 10mm spanner.
He couldn't see that the 'weapon' he was brandishing in his right hand - while threatening to tear a new one for whoever had taken  it - was in fact the spanner he thought he'd lost.
Spot the real spanner..!!!
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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

RS-oles... doesn't sound right...

Now we're worried...the boss has just said he wants to call us workers "oles" so that we'll become RS-oles... it doesn't sound right...

Spreading the word on the itnernet

From having just a website - - we are now on Facebook and Twitter too... although we still have to work out how to link them all together...

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gates add pressure to repair lift

We lost use of the main lift for a few days recently.
It was nothing serious,the shaft that linked the electric motor to the hydraulic pump snapped.
It came as part of the electric motor so it wa sa case of replacing the motor or having a new part made.
We opted for fabricating a new part but that meant the lift was out of action for nearly a week.
It was inconvenient at first, then mildly irritating as the boss' dad kept asking when it would be back in service.
The new part arrived and was fitted, the hydraulic pump was bled and returned to active duty and... the boss' dad commandeered it to make and paint a pair of gates :-/

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pour it from the side...

Now and then we have young people helping out in the garage, but not often.
Sometimes they show potential from day one, sometimes they don't.
One who didn't - we won't name him, poor sod, he might have somebody read this to him - was topping up a car's engine oil after a service.
Those of who do this regularly are familiar with the pouring characteristics of those five litre oil cans with the plastic spouts and we know to start the tip with the spout either at the top of the can or with the can sideways to prevent those wasteful burps of liquid gold that can take ages to clean up when the miss the hole completely.
Spotting Junior about to start filling the engine with the spout at the bottom of the can we advised him to pour it from it from the side...
Moments later we turned to see him at full stretch over the wing of the car with the spout still at the bottom of the can!!!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Welcome to the lighter side of garage life...

Welcome one and all to what we hope will be a blog to raise a smile among our followers.
We have a serious website - - where you can watch the work we do, from routine servicing and MoT repairs to full classic car restorations.
But there are things that happen in the garage which are not appropriate for the proper site and yet we want to share those with you too.
We're not promising daily updates, but we do hope to show you that we have fun and to let you be part of that fun.
And sometimes we come across things that are a little unusual, and we want to share those with you too.
Where we can, we'll include pictures, so keep watching, keep commenting and keep smiling :)