Friday, 12 October 2012

Where's that 10mm spanner..?

One of our guys has just lost his nuts over a 'missing' 10mm spanner.
He couldn't see that the 'weapon' he was brandishing in his right hand - while threatening to tear a new one for whoever had taken  it - was in fact the spanner he thought he'd lost.
Spot the real spanner..!!!
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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

RS-oles... doesn't sound right...

Now we're worried...the boss has just said he wants to call us workers "oles" so that we'll become RS-oles... it doesn't sound right...

Spreading the word on the itnernet

From having just a website - - we are now on Facebook and Twitter too... although we still have to work out how to link them all together...

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gates add pressure to repair lift

We lost use of the main lift for a few days recently.
It was nothing serious,the shaft that linked the electric motor to the hydraulic pump snapped.
It came as part of the electric motor so it wa sa case of replacing the motor or having a new part made.
We opted for fabricating a new part but that meant the lift was out of action for nearly a week.
It was inconvenient at first, then mildly irritating as the boss' dad kept asking when it would be back in service.
The new part arrived and was fitted, the hydraulic pump was bled and returned to active duty and... the boss' dad commandeered it to make and paint a pair of gates :-/