Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pour it from the side...

Now and then we have young people helping out in the garage, but not often.
Sometimes they show potential from day one, sometimes they don't.
One who didn't - we won't name him, poor sod, he might have somebody read this to him - was topping up a car's engine oil after a service.
Those of who do this regularly are familiar with the pouring characteristics of those five litre oil cans with the plastic spouts and we know to start the tip with the spout either at the top of the can or with the can sideways to prevent those wasteful burps of liquid gold that can take ages to clean up when the miss the hole completely.
Spotting Junior about to start filling the engine with the spout at the bottom of the can we advised him to pour it from it from the side...
Moments later we turned to see him at full stretch over the wing of the car with the spout still at the bottom of the can!!!

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