Thursday, 13 December 2012

Rog caught red... faced

Papa Smurf - that's Rog, the big boss - seemed to be a bit camera shy this afternoon.
He had difficulty facing front when we were snapping pics of the latest restoration project to come into the garage - a 40-year-old MG MGB GT V8.

Then he let his guard down and we were rolling on the floor in pain.
Rotund, jolly and ruddy is his usual state but this afternoon he was... well, RED!!
At first we thought it was Santa come early, or that he'd had the temperature a bit high in the spray booth... perhaps it was fake tan...
But no, he'd just painted himself... Scarlet!!!
We can't print here what he told us to do when we tried to get the picture, but we did get one... ENJOY IT before he takes it down :-)

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